Discover Spot 2000

Spot, the ever-curious, always-adorable puppy, embarks on a fun and song-filled journey of discovery as he explores the world around him -- in one exciting adventure after another! Featuring 13 charming stories, each with a catchy song, to celebrate everything from making breakfast, to brushing teeth and taking a bath, to cleaning up and even putting on a show with friends! Spot looks to life and everything in it with the same joy and wonder as a preschool child. And now, after added educational value after each animated story, your child will learn along to live-action vignettes featuring curious preschoolers just like yours!

Discover Christmas

Discover Christmas presents five heartfelt and educational stories about the meaning of Christmas. Children will learn about the community of Bethlehem, the history of nativity plays, the origin of the Christmas tree, the reasons behind gift-giving, and the story of Christ's birth.

Only the Footprints Discover the Sea 2017

The film presents the poetic adventure of Amereida, a journey and poem by Latin American and European artists, poets and architects in 1965 from Tierra del Fuego to Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. The film reconstructs the events that made this unique experience of art and life possible, as well the consequences, in particular the “Ciudad Abierta” (Open City) in Chile.

Discover Bellydance: Basic Dance 2001

The Discover Bellydance series teaches you authentic Egyptian Bellydance moves and fully choreographed dance routines. This program introduces the fundamental movements of Bellydancing. You will learn the basic dance moves that will enable you to perform a fully choreographed dance routine. After a satisfying warm-up, you will receive step-by-step instructions from identical twins Veena & Neena, on how to execute the upper and lower body movements associated with Bellydance. The elements are isolated and taught slowly, so you can learn each movement's subtleties. As you become more comfortable with the moves, you can develop speed and expression. Veena & Neena will teach you hip drops and shimmies, undulations, half-turns and wrist circles combined with graceful arm and shoulder moves. Now you are ready to integrate these movements into a fun and exciting choreographed dance routine!

Berenstain Bears: Discover School 2006

Based on the best-selling book series, The Berenstain Bears is a charming animated comedy celebrating furry family values and good old-fashioned Bear Country living. Set in the rolling hills of Bear Country, the series stars a fun loving family of Bears whose love, loyalty and humor allow them to overcome any obstacle that finds its way down their sunny dirt road. With the help of teachers, friends, Ma, Pa and Grandma, Sister and Brother are learning that school is an exciting discovery! While attending gym or an art class, working on a class project, doing math homework or playing in school sports, Sister and Brother are finding it rewarding to see their hard work pay off and fun to participate in school.

Discover China: Bodacious Beijing 2001

Take a trip to the amazing Chinese capital without leaving your own home. Not content with a tourist-only view of Beijing, this documentary hangs with the locals in roadside food stalls and antique flea markets. But the big landmarks -- such as the Great Wall and the Forbidden City -- are showcased amply as well. Like any good vacation, this whirlwind of culture, history, shopping and food will leave you satisfied and reluctant to return home.

Discover The Funny 2014

Ian Salmon goes to Dayton, Ohio to raise money for The Pink Ribbon Girls a breast cancer charity based in Dayton, OH. This is a raw and unedited look at what live stand up comedy is like in a club setting, no fancy production just hilarious comedy deliver by Ian Salmon!

Pink Martini - Discover the World 2009

Pink Martini's Discover the World: Live in Concert was released June 2, 2009 worldwide. The feature presentation on the DVD is a performance, previously broadcast on public television and released on DVD, of a December 31, 2005 concert at Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall in Portland, Oregon. In this second release, a set of Polaroid photos taken by Thomas Lauderdale and a short documentary on the band's history are included.

Discover Bellydance - Beyond Basic Dance 2001

The Discover Bellydance series teaches you authentic Egyptian Bellydance moves and fully choreographed dance routines. This program introduces the intermediate movements of bellydancing. You will learn beyond basic moves that will enable you to perform a fully choreographed energetic dance routine. After a satisfying warm-up, you will receive step-by-step instructions from identical twins Veena & Neena, on how to execute the upper and lower body movements associated with bellydance. the elements are isolated and taught slowly, so you can learn each movement's subtleties. As you become more comfortable with the moves, you can develop speed and expression. Veena & Neena will teach you rib circles, hip drop-kicks and shimmies, traveling steps and full turns combined with graceful arm and shoulder moves. Now you are ready to integrate these movements into a fun and exciting choreographed dance routine!

Discover China - Dim Sum Odyssey 2001

Learn about the history and preparation of China's renowned dish, dim sum, with this delicious documentary. Consisting of a variety of tasty morsels, dim sum typically includes mixtures of meat, seafood and vegetables or of sweets and fruit. A gourmet trip through Hong Kong samples more than 600 types of dim sum and explores the origin and creation of prawn dumplings, spring rolls, barbeque pork buns and other treats.

Mini Masterminds - Discover Dolphins 2007

Mini Masterminds - Discover Dolphins Learn all about the dolphin with our special on-screen facts and information. Young children and babies remain captivated by colours, sounds and simple visual stimulants. This dvd captures all of those ingredients using bright everyday toys and objects. In addition the soundtrack is supplied by "Mozart For Babies"

Discover China: Eating in Canton 2001

The people of Canton are renowned for their passion for food and their hearty appetites. This documentary series reveals the secrets of Chinese cuisine, as the best recipes from more than 20 provinces are put to the taste test. This flavorful culinary tour provides ample evidence that the 4,000-year-old tradition of adventurous dining and devotion to food remains unchallenged among the Cantonese.

Discover Tai Chi for Beginners 2009

Discover your potential as you become inspired by better balance, renewed strength, soaring confidence, improved flexibility, and reduced stress with Scott Cole and Discover Tai Chi for Beginners. Ease into the moment, leaving your stress-filled agenda far behind as you follow Scott through a seamless journey of healing Chi Kung exercises and easy-to-follow Tai Chi postures designed to open up energy channels, improve breathing and posture, strengthen your core and leg base, and inspire you to move gracefully like a tree in the breeze!

No Human Rights: Discover the Truth

This unsettling exposé reveals governments and cultures that practice torture to extract information from suspected criminals, perceived enemies of the state and innocent citizens without regard to basic human rights. Included are footage of the Aitarak militia, an armed force in East Timor responsible for many atrocities; interviews with former Japanese inmates and prisoners at Abu Gharaib in Iraq; and disquieting images of police brutality.

Discover China - A Peking Duck's Tale 2001

Savor the history and learn what goes into the preparation of Beijing's renowned delicacy, Peking duck, with this delicious documentary. Famous for its incredibly tasty crispy skin, the dish has been a popular treat for centuries. A trip to several prominent duck farms in Beijing gives viewers an inside look at duck selection, then Peking duck chefs discuss their art. Finally, take a seat at the table and experience a famous roast duck banquet.

Discover the World of Animals: Sea 2009

Children & Family, Education & Guidance, Ages 2-4, Ages 5-7 - Animated characters Pepo the boisterous buckaroo and Cecile the colorful cow share a keen sense of adventure and fun in this entry in the popular children's series. Explore the high seas and learn about the huge variety of creatures that live there. Stunning footage of sea turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks, sea horses and many other animals will entrance your children and encourage exploration of the natural beauty surrounding them.

Discover the World of Animals: Savannah 2009

Animated characters Pepo the blazing buckaroo and Cecile the sweet cow lead the way on an adventure to learn about nature. The gorgeous savannah and its intriguing animals stimulate your children's imagination and quench their thirst for knowledge. You'll encounter speedy zebras, majestic lions, gigantic elephants, humorous hippos and many other animals as your family enjoys the lovely photography and the pleasure of a happy journey together.

Discover Russian

Discover Russian was the first Russian television program on the Pacific coast of North America. It was produced by Pamirus Production under the direction of producer and hostess Nathalie Potocka. In thirty-eight episodes, this cultural variety show featured interviews with prominent from various disciplines, including: ⁕artists ⁕dancers ⁕musicians ⁕hockey players; and ⁕figure skaters Some of the guests on Discover Russian included: ⁕maestro Mstislav Rostropovich ⁕ballerina Evelyn Hart ⁕pianist Gregory Sokolov ⁕violinist Vadim Gluzman ⁕legendary figure skater Alexei Yagudin ⁕conductor Bramwell Tovey ⁕Alexander Pushkin ⁕Peter Tchaikowsky ⁕Sergey Rachmaninoff ; and ⁕Nicolas Rimsky-Korsakov The program also featured a series dedicated to great Russian writers and intelligentsia, Anton Chekhov, Fyodor Dostoevsky and Mikhail Bulgakov. The program also hosted a number of interviews with local and international political and religious leaders.

Discover Magazine

Discover Magazine is a 1992-2000 documentary television series that aired on the Disney Channel from 1992-1994 and then on The Science Channel from 1996-2000. The series is named after the magazine of the same name, Discover Magazine. The Disney Channel series was narrated by actor Joseph Campanella. The Science Channel series was hosted by Peter DeMeo from 1996-1998. The series was nominated for an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Informational Series" in 1996, 1997 for "Outstanding Non-Fiction Series", and 1 other time The series was created by producer-director Les Guthman at the Walt Disney Company in 1991, after Mr. Guthman licensed the television rights to Discover Magazine from Family Media in 1990. Mr. Guthman produced the series for two seasons on The Disney Channel, 1992-1994, and then working with Disney President and CEO Frank Wells sold the series to Discovery Communications in late 1994, after The Disney Channel abandoned its family-adult prime time schedule.

Discover Tasmania

Discover Tasmania is an Australian lifestyle television series that airs on Channel Seven. Originally broadcast from October to December 2007 in Tasmania only, it won all but one of its timeslots, with each episode receiving around 75,000 Tasmanian viewers. After its success there, and a push from the Tasmanian government, the show has since been shown across mainland Australia. In NSW, season one episodes averaged 218,000 viewers. The first season was hosted by 'Fast Ed' and Tim Campbell. The program was renewed for a second season which began airing nationally on 20 March 2010 on Saturday afternoons. Fast Ed returned, joined by Jack Campbell as new co-host, following Tim's move to Channel Nine. The program is available in high-definition on Seven HD. Past episodes are also shown on 7Two and available to watch online from the official website.

Discover Planet Ocean 2012

Dive into our planet's greatest mysteries with a team of international underwater cinematographers as they explore the breathtaking bond between humanity and the ocean.

Star Trek: Discovery 2017

Follow the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new life forms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.

A Discovery of Witches 2018

Diana Bishop, historian and witch, accesses Ashmole 782 and knows she must solve its mysteries. She is offered help by the enigmatic Matthew Clairmont, but he's a vampire and witches should never trust vampires.

Wild Discovery 1996

Wild Discovery was a television series that aired on the Discovery Channel between 1995 and 2002. It was an educational program in a documentary format showcasing animals as the main theme. The show featured a wide range of animals, in locations from around the world, including Brazil and the Serengeti.

Discovery Atlas 2006

Discovery Atlas is a documentary television series on the Discovery Channel and Discovery HD Theater which focuses on the cultural, sociological, and natural aspects of various countries by exploring their different peoples, traditions, and lands. The documentary follows the lives and individual struggles of locals, while taking in-depth looks at the countries' history and culture. Eight episodes have been broadcast so far on the Discovery Channel: the first episode, Discovery Atlas: China Revealed aired October 1, 2006, and was followed by Discovery Atlas: Italy Revealed, Brazil Revealed, and Australia Revealed. Most recently France, Japan, Egypt and Russia have been featured. According to the Miami Herald, the series will be shown over five years and focus on a total of 20 countries, with the possibility of more. Four countries will be featured each year. Other sources, including the Australian Discovery Channel and Discovery Communications Inc websites, have said that the series will focus on thirty countries.


Discovery was a documentary television series produced by Duncan Dallas, Yorkshire Television. It was first shown in England in 1974. The first episode was about the post-encephalitic patients described by the neurologist Oliver Sacks. The documentary won a Red ribbon at the 1978 American Film Festival and first prize at the 1978 International Rehabilitation Film Festival.


Discovery is a Canadian documentary television series which aired on CBC Television from 1962 to 1963.


Discoveries is a Canadian youth science television series which aired on CBC Television in 1957.


Discovery was the first documentary television series to be broadcast on RTÉ. The series started on January 7, 1964 with a programme on Dublin Airport. The series producer was Charlie Scott, and Brian Cleeve was the presenter and scriptwriter. Each half-hour edition focused on a specific subject, such as a commercial or state enterprise, an aspect of Irish culture, or some notable feature of the country's landscape. In December 1964, Brian Cleeve received a Jacobs' Award for his contribution to the programme. However, in January 1966, it was announced that Cleeve was being dropped as the series' narrator because his voice was no longer felt to be suitable. Later that year, he left the programme completely to join the new 7 Days team. Following Cleeve's departure, Discovery continued for another season using a number of alternative presenters, such as Paddy Gallagher, John Skehan, Michael Viney, and Terry Wogan. In 2002, RTÉ screened digitally-remastered versions of several of the original programmes. The topics covered included skydiving, mountaineering in the Wicklow mountains, and lighthouses off the Cork coast.


Discovery was a television program geared towards children and teenagers, produced by ABC News. The program began in the fall of 1962 as a weekday series, and was later moved to Sunday mornings. The program was hosted by actor/announcer Frank Buxton and actress/vocalist Virginia Gibson. The show's original studio announcer was ABC staff announcer Bill Owen, who replaced Buxton as host in 1966, continuing through 1971. The shows hosted by Buxton were mostly studio productions, done in black-and-white; beginning with Owen, the shows were produced in color, and involved much travel to on-site locations. The actual on-air title of the series was named according to each year it was produced, beginning with Discovery '62 and ending with Discovery '71. The show's executive producer was Jules Power, the former co-producer of NBC's Mr. Wizard. The Discovery format originally had Buxton and Gibson in studio, exploring various topics in science, culture, history and the arts, often with special in-studio guests. Later seasons of the show had Buxton and Gibson traveling on location to different destinations around the world in a documentary format. Discovery was nominated for the Emmy Award for Outstanding Children's Program several times, winning in 1964.

Ancient Discoveries 2003

Ancient Discoveries was a television series that premiered on December 21, 2003, on The History Channel. The program focused on ancient technologies. The show's theme was that many inventions which are thought to be modern have ancient roots or in some cases may have been lost and then reinvented. The program was a follow-up to a special originally broadcast in 2005 which focused on technologies from the Ancient Roman era such as the Antikythera mechanism and inventors such as Heron of Alexandria. Episodes of the regular series expanded to cover other areas such as Egypt, China and East Asia, and the Islamic world. Ancient Discoveries was made for The History Channel by Wild Dream Films based in Cardiff in the UK. Much of the filming was done on location across the world. The series used contributions from archaeologists and other experts, footage of historical sites and artifacts, computer generated reconstructions and dramatized reconstructions along with experiments and tests on reconstructed artifacts.

Discovering the Vatican 2006

First ever complete documentary series on the Vatican. Learn all details about history of St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican Museum, Swiss Guard, Papal cars and antiques, Vatican media, Vatican Gardens and many more. Produced in full HD quality 14 episodes story of over 6 hours of lengrth with unique pictures and breathtaking facts from inside of the Vatican.

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